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Crafting Local Sweetness Since 2020

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Welcome to Trent Hills Honey, where each jar tells a story of our deep-rooted commitment to local beekeeping and the pure, golden sweetness of our region. Founded in 2020 with just one beehive and a dream, we've since grown to manage over 15 hives scattered across half a dozen locations throughout the picturesque landscapes of Trent Hills.

Our journey began with a simple desire to connect with nature and cultivate something truly special. Inspired by the buzzing vitality of honeybees and the rich agricultural heritage of our community, we embarked on a mission to produce the finest honey, all while prioritizing our local roots.

At Trent Hills Honey, we believe in putting our community first. That's why we source our honey exclusively from our own hives nestled within the rolling hills, lush meadows, and fragrant orchards of Trent Hills. By keeping our operations local, we not only support the livelihoods of our fellow residents but also ensure that every jar of honey captures the essence of our region's unique flora and fauna.

Our bees roam freely, foraging on a diverse array of wildflowers and blossoms that paint the landscape in vibrant hues. From the delicate blooms of spring to the bountiful harvest of summer, each season leaves its mark on the flavour profile of our honey, resulting in a product that is as dynamic and distinctive as the changing landscapes of Trent Hills.

But our commitment to our community goes beyond just honey production. We're dedicated to promoting sustainable beekeeping practices, protecting our pollinators, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the vital role bees play in our ecosystem. Through education, outreach, and collaboration with local organizations, we strive to create a future where bees and humans thrive in harmony.

When you choose Trent Hills Honey, you're not just supporting a business – you're joining a movement to celebrate and preserve the natural beauty of our region. Whether you're drizzling it over your morning toast, sweetening your favourite recipes, or simply savouring it by the spoonful, each jar of our honey is a testament to the rich tapestry of Trent Hills and the passion that goes into every drop.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, let's spread the sweetness of Trent Hills, one jar of honey at a time.


2335 2nd Line East

Campbellford, Ontario

K0L 1L0



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